During the week of the festival we will be running workshops for sound-making objects. Feel free to drop in and build some noise!

Coloured Sound Jars || Interact Labs

Saturday 6 June, 12-6pm
Thursday 11 June, 12-6pm

Build a colourful interactive sound jars using an Arduino Nano.Explore some basic electronic circuitry and learn to programme an Arduino Nano to make sound and control coloured lights. The jars are then collated and integrated into the self-generative sound installation "A Colloquy of Glass Jars" which is shown as part of the festival.

Click here to see a jar in action!

Squish! Touch Sensitive Pompom for Controlling Sound || Sam Topley

Thursday 11 June, 12pm & 2pm

Make a colourful touch-sensitive pompom for controlling sound.

Craft your own pompom from yarn and conductive thread. Once placed within a circuit (provided), the pompoms respond to touch and trigger digital sounds on a computer. The pompoms are then collated and integrated into an interactive, tactile sound installation.

Suitable for children 7+.