On Saturday 13th June 2015 we are partnering with Ableton and Curve Theatre to host a day of talks and demos focussing on creative strategies for artists working with sound. The day will cumulate in a panel discussion led by author Dennis DeSantis where he and an invited panel will discuss their experiences of overcoming creative roadblocks with the audience.






Ned Rush


Henrique Matias


Bandish Projekt


Jesse Abayomi


Mad Zach


Dennis DeSantis

Controlling the Web with Ableton Live

This workshop will teach users how to send midi messages from Ableton to the browser and how to deal with this messages using javascript.

For this particular example we will be using MIDI messages, but the examples can be modified in order to send OSC messages or to control other kind of devices.


  • Personal laptop
  • Ableton live
  • Windows users need a virtual midi cable, like loopMIDI or similar
  • Node.js
  • Basic programming skills


  • Google Chrome
  • MIDI controller
  • Copy of midi2funk software (Free)

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Jon 1st was the 2013 World DMC Online Champion and has since performed official scratch remixes for DJ Vadim, Ivy Lab and Sam Binga, as well as performing around the UK and Europe on a weekly basis. He has also recorded mixes for Ninja Tune Solidsteel, DJ Mag, Noisey, Foreign Beggars and more.

The workshop will be an introduction to turntablism - discussing both its roots in vinyl and its evolution into the digital age with demonstrations of techniques and how to use them in a performance/routine context.


  • Some DJ experience preferred but not essential

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Rude NHS

The workshop will be exploring ideas for improv using performance in Ableton as well as demonstrating devices.

Ned Rush's Max for Live devices are available through ISOTONIK.


  • None

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Mad Zach

Mad Zach's highly coveted live shows fuse the best elements of controllerism, finger drumming, and dj­ing into one bass oriented booty­forward masterpiece located at the intersection of future bass and retro treble.

As Ill Gates puts it best, "Finger drumming, step sequencing, crazy effects, you name it. The guy is constantly wrecking shop when he plays, it's really something special." And its a show he's taken all over the world.

As one of Native Instruments and Ableton's lead endorsed performance artists, Mad Zach joins the ranks of DMC world champions DJ Shifty and DJ Craze, as well as finger drumming masterminds like Jeremy Ellis. In addition, his performance videos for NI, Ableton, and the predominant dj blog DJ Tech Tools – have garnered over 10 million views on YouTube.

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Jesse Abayomi

Jesse Abayomi is a Product specialist at Ableton and an Ableton Certified Trainer. Born in London and moved to Berlin before the hype. In his spare time he plays vinyl, runs a small vinyl/tape label, produces Techno and enjoys the rich variety of music culture Berlin has to offer.

The goal of this workshop is to give the audience an insight into creating music in Live with Push using field recordings recorded inside and outside at various locations and some basic samples. Making use of Live Instruments and Effects as well as some Max for Live devices we will explore creative sound design in Live.

Aimed at participants with different levels of experience. From beginners to intermediate with some experience and understanding of making music.

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Creative Strategies - Panel Discussion

Author of Making Music - 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers / Head of Documentation at Ableton Dennis DeSantis is a composer, sound designer, and percussionist. He received a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the Eastman School of Music. His electronic music appears on labels such as Ghostly, Global Underground, Cocoon and Kanzleramt, and he has performed throughout North America, Europe, and Japan.

Recent highlights include commissions from the Whitney Museum, the Staatsoper Stuttgart and Carnegie Hall.

DeSantis is the Head of Documentation for Ableton, and previously worked as a sound designer for Native Instruments.

Despite all the music tools and technology at our disposal nowadays, making music remains as difficult as ever. We've invited artists who work with sound across many disciplines to discuss how they overcome the creative roadblocks that we all encounter from time to time: How to find inspiration, how to make progress with your ideas and (most importantly) how to finish what you start.